About Full-Time Chime, the podcast.

The Full-Time Chime Podcast is Coming Soon

Full-Time Chime is a now a platform for people to talk about their career journey, share some stories, and pass on advice about work or life to others.

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Why I created the Full-Time Chime podcast
If you met me at a party and asked me what I do professionally, it sounds great. I am a Marketing Consultant for over 25 IT companies in the United States.

What I might not mention is the rocky road it took to get here. Over the last 10 years, I faced a few unfortunate events which took a toll on my physical and mental health. But, Monday – Friday I was ready in the morning, had my coffee, and acted like everything was fine despite how I felt internally. 

I kept going because of the advice someone gave me years ago; navigate through the current situation, and keep your end goals in mind.

While I was navigating through those moments, I launched this blog as a way to express myself and write down my life lessons. What I didn’t expect was friends, acquittances, and strangers sharing their stories and life lessons with me.

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